The Nomad MC spawn is a location found on the main server world.


The Nomad MC spawn, as viewed during sundown.

The spawn is, as the name suggests, the place where players will spawn when they first join, or if they use Respawn after death. The spawn acts as the main world's hub, and contains, aside from the world's spawnpoint, the following:

  • Main corners of the four world sectors: Survival to the southeast, Creative to the southwest, Medieval to the northwest, and Modern to the northeast.
  • Server tour entrance (directly north-northeast of spawnpoint)
  • Server Warps entrance (directly east-northeast of spawnpoint)
  • Quick Warps selection (directly south of spawnpoint)
  • Rules List, above a replica of Nomad1134 (directly west of spawnpoint)

Various commands that run on the server are based above and below spawn as well.

The current spawn was created in July and August 2016 by Cyclostew, and is a replacement for an older spawn, which had been used since late 2015.

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