The Nomad MC resource pack is the server-resource-pack used to change the appearance of the server.

The pack was created by Nomad1134, with the exception of several textures or models made by Rijam or the GunColony server, which will be noted as such seperately.

Fallout-related textures are usually derived from Fallout Wikia's image collection.

List of items Edit

A list of items is as follows:

  • Pencil (Replaces Feather)
  • Terminals (Replace several Command Block types)
  • Holodisks (Replace several Books)
  • Bottle Cap (Replaces Emerald)
  • Fat Man (Replaces Bow) - Created by Rijam
  • Mini Nuke (Replaces Arrow)
  • Vault Access Panel (Replaces Iron Ore)
  • Concrete (Replaces Jungle Planks) - Created by GunColony.
  • Crates (Replaces Lapis Lazuli Block) - Created by GunColony.
  • Acacia Planks, modified to look like more finished planks
  • Iron Grate (Replaces Iron Trapdoor)
  • Iron Block, modified to be darker